Difference Between Products and Services

While many people may not be aware of it, there are differences in how you market/sell products versus services. Although the differences are subtle, they exist and, therefore, are worthy of mentioning. Let’s go over a few that I feel are most important.

The first difference is the content requirement for products versus services. For products you can have less content on your site and still make the sales as long as your product offering is adequate. With services, however, your customers will want to feel confident that you’re knowledgeable in your field, so offering plenty of quality content is essential, since this projects a certain level of expertise.

The next difference I’d like to mention is upsell offers. While upsell offers work remarkably well on products, they can be seen as tacky when selling services.

An example of an acceptable upsell for a product would be: you have a necklace for sale at $39.95 and for today only you can get the matching earrings (whose regular price is $29.95) for only $19.95.

While everyone likes a little something extra you need to be very tactful when trying to upsell services. You may want to consider an alternative to upsells for your services. An example would be offering a percentage off or a coupon in a mailing. This wouldn’t be viewed as being tacky.

While there are surely many more differences between marketing/selling products and services I think you have an understanding of how they can differ.

Before offering an upsell on a service you would be very wise to do some research on how others offer promotions on their services to see what works well and what doesn’t. You wouldn’t want to inadvertently offend or put off your customers by making an offer that they feel is simply unacceptable.

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